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Next Stage World Gathering

Leaders and teams
reinventing organisations
Join us in Halki, Greece • 23-27 April

In a few weeks’ time, leading practitioners on the next stage organising will get together to share their challenges and experiences and learn from each other in a solemn and beautiful setting.

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Why a Gathering for organisation reinventors?

Our times are adding more uncertainty than ever before, as we live the middle of a major shift in paradigms about life and societal norms in general, and the leadership of organisations in particular.

The gathering is a response to an audacious movement that has been growing over the years and was well depicted on the book “Reinventing Organisations” by Frederic Laloux. 

Leaders and entrepreneurs of thousands of organisations worldwide are challenging old limiting patterns to nourish workplaces where more humane and lively organisations can thrive.

… since there are no models and manuals to follow when it comes to reinventing work, it comes time to explore how can sharing and collective learning contribute to the future of work.

Our team has been hosting innovation at workplaces for over 35 years now…

… In our experience, a process to promote collective intelligence and collective learning, needs to be very light in structure. The structure needs to be enough for a basis where to build up from, yet flexible to adjust to the anew emerging.

Based on this we started the NSW gatherings in 2016. A daring yet safe space to…
… cultivate meaningful connections
… to dive deep into your organisational quests
… co-create solutions and approaches to deal with pressing organizational issues
… and to evolve on the practices that take us to the next stage of organising.

About NSW

Hosting and self-management practices are at the core of NSW.

a combination of immersive experiences for remarkable learning and sharing. We have taken away all the usual disturbances for reflective and open exchanges … 

A retreat in Halki, Greece

Halki, a small island close to Rhodes, Greece, will host us offering the undisturbed atmosphere, to allow the group to dive deeper into the organisational quests and into collective learning and innovation.

Top 7 reasons why NSW Gathering is a must-go event

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