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Next Stage World Gathering

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Join us in Halki, Greece - 23-27 April

Why was NSW created?

Next Stage World gatherings are a response to an audacious movement that has been growing over the years and was well depicted on the book “Reinventing Organisations” by Frederick Laloux.

Leaders and entrepreneurs of thousands of organisations worldwide are challenging old limiting patterns to nourish workplaces where more creative and lively organisations can thrive.

We have attended many conferences and meetings over the years. Entrepreneurs were coming in search for answers and support as they navigate the unknown waters of re-creating work.

In spite of the innovative nature of the movement, we noticed that most of those events were …

… heavy on theory and tight in format …

… structured on a top-down way rather than engaging the lively network of participants …

… and painfully lacking of opportunities for the wealth of knowledge that this collective of leaders, the participants themselves, are holding …

… since there are no models and manuals to follow when it comes to reinventing work, it comes time to explore how can sharing and collective learning contribute to the future of work.

Our team has been hosting innovation at workplaces for over 35 years now…

… In our experience, a process to promote collective intelligence and collective learning, needs to be very light in structure. The structure needs to be enough for a basis where to build up from, yet flexible to adjust to the anew emerging.

Based on this we started the NSW gatherings in 2016. A daring yet safe space to…
… cultivate meaningful connections
… to dive deep into your organisational quests
… co-create solutions and approaches to deal with pressing organizational issues
… and to evolve on the practices that take us to the next stage of organising.

Here is a glimpse of our experience last year in April 2018

Who we are

Next Stage World is a joint venture from Synergy, pro action learning and Enlivening Edge. We came together to offer a well-hosted space for Next Stage practices and practitioners to share and learn from each other.

Our purpose is to energize a vibrant ecosystem for cross-pollinating next stage organizing practices.

After two Gatherings and workshops in Rhodes with participants from Japan, Australia, South and North America, and many European countries, we now invite to the island of Halki in April 2018.

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Team and Hosts

Maria Bakari

Is an Organisational Psychologist working in the field of Collaborative Leadership, Individual and Group Counselling, Group Process Design, Hosting and Facilitation. As a Next Stage practitioner, Maria inspires and then artfully calls forth the Synergy potential to show up at work, teams and organisations.

Rainer von Leoprechting

Germany (Austria)
Coach, consultant and mentor, expert in innovative organizational development and collective intelligence, co-founder of Next Stage World, steward in Art of Hosting, former founder and Head of the in-house consulting service at the European Commission.

Maud Raber

France (Austria)
Is an integral coach, consultant and facilitator, expert in embodied leadership, fostering innovative organizing, collaboration and meaningful work in purpose- driven organisations.

George Pór

Hungary (United Kingdom)
George Pór is an evolutionary thinker and a strategic learning partner to visionary leaders in business, government, and civil society. He is the originator of Enlivening Edge, and has been publishing the Blog of Collective Intelligence since 2003.

Aftab Omer, Ph.D.

Pakistan (USA)
Is a sociologist, psychologist, futurist and the president of Meridian University. Raised in Pakistan, India, Hawaii, and Turkey, he was educated at the universities of M.I.T, Harvard and Brandeis. His publications have addressed the topics of transformative learning, cultural leadership, generative entrepreneurship and the power of imagination. His work includes assisting organizations in tapping the creative potentials of conflict, diversity, and complexity. Formerly the president of the Council for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologies, he is a Fellow of the International Futures Forum and the World Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Julia T Ribeiro Pereira

Brazil (Greece)
Story Strategist supporting NSW communications. Online visual story-crafter. Crafting content to touch hearts & move minds, making the impossible possible.

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