Next Stage World Gathering

Leaders and teams
reinventing organisations

Join us in Halki, Greece - 23-27 April


We are available for 1-on-1 calls about NSW Gathering this week.

If you have questions or concerns–awesome, let's discuss them. We are available for 1-on-1 calls about NSW Gathering this week. Get in touch to schedule a call:


Meet with other Next Stage Pioneers to learn form each other. Bring your questions moving your organisation to its next stage.

We are inviting teams — perhaps yours! — from many companies to work on the issues they need to work on together in a very special re-invented co-learning community setting. Your team can attend this Gathering with other teams, around the challenges and joys of self-organising, self-management–all at the same place.

Read more on the concept of Re-inventing team retreats here.


1100 Per person


900 Per person

NON Corporate

Limited Individual Offers

We offer limited vacancies for individuals who are not representing a company or other kind of organisation. 

Non Corporate


Special conditions

This fare is applied if any of the conditions below are met:

  • You’ve participated in previous Next Stage World Gatherings
  • You are an early start up enterprise
  • You are participating in any of the related events below:
    • Reinventing organizations 2017 – Bulgaria
    • TealCamp 2017 – Switzerland
    • IEC 2018 – 3rd Integral European Conference – Hungary

Special Conditions


Feel free to contact us at anytime at

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