March 13, 2018

the Next Stage World

in Halki, Greece 23-27 April 2018

A one-of-a-kind event

Thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide are challenging the status quo of work and confronting old limiting patterns to nourish more humane and lively organisations.

But there are no models and manuals to follow when reinventing work, 

… so it comes time to explore:

… How can sharing and collective learning contribute to the future of work?

This is what the Next Stage World Gathering is about! A daring yet safe space, designed for leaders, entrepreneurs and teams to evolve on their practices on next stage organising.

If you are deciding whether to come or not check …

Here are the top 7 reasons why you shouldn't miss NSW.

1. Learn and move at a joint action

Peer-to-peer and collective learning

Where you are the pioneer at the edge of change, you are in front of uncharted territory. 

When leadership is what all of us do, learning happens best from among us peers. We learn from our observing the journey of our colleague. We add our senses to their navigating. And vice versa, we receive questions and experiences from our peers as a gift for our own journey.

Co-creating happens from the gift of meeting each other around a question or opportunity. We design the Next Stage World Gathering so that this natural flow of creativity is fostered and encouraged.

2. The collective and you are at the center

This isn't a top down conference, it is a self management experience

NSW is all about creating ways to accessing the wealth of knowledge that the collective of leaders, the participants themselves, are holding. 

Hosting and self-management practices are at the core of NSW.

The NSW team creates a light structured design for the event, which is revisited and adapted as we go. During the Gathering, every evening, the design of the next day is formulated and participants are invited to step in, sense into what is next and be hosts.

… Get a visual taste of the Gathering’s on this 1 min video …

3. Cultivate meaningful connections

Share your ambitions for the future of work with like minded people

Innovators across organisations have a lot of things in common, but it happens many times that inside their own contexts, they find themselves pretty much alone.

Togetherness is an important aspect of transformation. It changes everything. It gives us trust and encouragement. 

In the NSW gathering you meet people who face similar challenges and share common visions.

The exclusive setting and the openness to share and learn together, rapidly creates a level of trust where deep and long connections happen among peers. A community is created which also holds you accountable to the larger vision you may have.

“A Dream You Dream Alone Is Only A Dream. A Dream You Dream Together Is Reality.”

~ John Lennon/Yoko Ono

4. Planet interdependence

Putting into practice the awareness of interdependence

Interdependence is a key principle of Life. We have been dedicated to creating local and international partnerships, to putting this awareness into practice.

This includes a partnership with the hosting venue, Aretanassa Hotel as well as the Municipality and schools of Halki for creating conditions – as much as possible – for less waste, reuse and recycling, organic food from the local area, setting up a composting procedure, ways of cleaning that do not harm the environment and discovering new alternatives for old problematic ways of waste management.

With reference to the current acute crisis in Greece and worldwide, we have supportive programs for the economically vulnerable and coming from areas and circumstances of lower income.

5. A retreat for deep transformation

High quality of presence to enable true innovation

The beauty and quietness of the setting creates the conditions for a high quality of presence to one another in the group and to be able to go directly into our burning questions.

Halki offers an undisturbed atmosphere, to allow the group to dive deeper into the organisational quests and into collective learning and innovation.

It is true that unless we slow down, unless we create our inner, interpersonal and outer spaces of stillness in these times of tremendous shift, we cannot reach those points of balance and quality of presence that enable leadership and innovation.

“In these time stillness has become a luxury — and yet is our daily bread, without which we would suffer.”

~Αlbert Schweitzer

6. In a pearl island in Greece

Greece offers unique hospitality, ancient history and a cross cultural background. It’s important while working in such deep levels worldwide and “selfwide” to be hosted in powerful places, which can hold us well. In Halki’s case the greatness and power lies in its simplicity, quietness and beauty.

These elements constitute a strong foundation for this “groundbreaking” work this gathering is committing to support. Along with the generocity of the people, the local community and its own genuine organisational gifts and questions in the overall transition/crisis and the firm holding of the Greek hospitality, it offers a powerful, lively, friendly and peaceful frame and ground of practice.

7. Bring solutions back to your organisation

Focus on most is most important on your organisational quest

We have taken away all the usual disturbances for reflective and open exchanges. You can focus on what matters in groups and dialogues, silent and outworking moments, to deal with pressing organisational issues on the initiatives that are most important for you.

We encourage you to call out the situations, projects and initiatives that are most important to you. So that you can receive the gift from open creative flow of minds.

Complement your experience with the pre and post activities, check the details here.

After the Gathering ...

When you leave NSW Gathering, may you be infused with life and inspiration.

And may the connections and learnings you take at NSW, evolve continuously...

... within you and those around you, transforming the future of work.

See you at the Gathering!

Next Stage World Gathering

Halki, Greece – 23-27 April 2018

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The Next Stage World Gathering

23-27 April 2018

Island of Halki, near Rhodes, Greece


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